About Us

SRS Fiberglass was previously known as Michigan Molded Acoustics and was incorporated in Michigan in 1986 and headquartered in Hudson, Michigan. At the time, MMA was extensively involved in the office furniture business. The business was acquired by a large publicly traded corporation and run for several years until it was shut down a few years ago. The same original owners from Michigan Molded Acoustics decided to get back together and get back into the molding businesses … hence the start of SRS Fiberglass in 2011, located in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. Today SRS Fiberglass is still run and managed by the same owners.

The strength of the leadership team at SRS Fiberglass is the experience of being involved in the fiberglass and acoustic performance business. The actual experience of the owners and the VP Sales at SRS Fiberglass gives the ability to boast over 100 years of actual hands on experience in the fiberglass and fiberglass molding business.

Today SRS Fiberglass has several thermal/compression presses each dedicated to multiple facets of the molding business. SRS Fiberglass is unquestionably the fastest growing molding/fabricator of fiberglass in the North America market.

Key People to Contact

Steve Bradish (President/General Manager) – steve@srsfiberglass.com
Russ Kwiatkowski (VP Engineering/Product Development) – russ@srsfiberglass.com
Shawn Bradish (Production Manager) – shawnb@srsfiberglass.com
Matt Bradish (Sales and Marketing) – matt@srsfiberglass.com
John Neetz (Sales) – john@srsfiberglass.com
Aletta Carlson (Administrator)- aletta@srsfiberglass.com