Acoustical and Thermal Fiberglass Products

Molded Acoustical Boards

High Impact Board

Designed for enhanced acoustical properties as well as meeting tackabililty and impact resistance requirements. Manufactured from UNCURED fiberglass. A variety of thicknesses, densities, mat facing and sizes are available.

  • From 3/32″ to 1/2″
  • 8 pound density to 20 pound density
  • Plain or mat faced
  • Facings available one or two sides
  • Widths up to 62″, lengths to 145″
  • Uncured fiberglass

Dual Density Products

SRS can design and build sub assemblies and ship in customized thicknesses, densities and sizes.

Utilizing standard rotary manufactured acoustical board products from 3 pound density to 6-7 pound density or custom molded acoustical board, SRS will thermally bond Hi Impact molded board onto the acoustical core material and cut into finished sizes or standard blanks for your customers requirements.

  • Reduced labor cost for customer
  • Precut finished lengths and widths
  • Thickness tolerances + or – to 0.030
  • Consolidated thicknesses up to 2 1/2″ thickness
  • Mat facings available for extreme smooth finishes
  • Black or Amber Glass available
  • Uncured fiberglass

Custom Molded Acoustical Board

Designed for non standard specification. SRS can design and build specialized products through heat and compression molding techniques. Unique thicknesses, densities, mat facings and sizes are available.

  • 3/8″ thickness to 2″ thickness
  • 2 pound density to 12 pound density
  • Black or Amber glass available
  • Facings available – one or two sides
  • Hardened edges available
  • Widths up to 62″, lengths to 145″
  • Uncured fiberglass

Multilayered Composite Tackboard

  • High Degree of tackability, yet yields Superior Surface Characteristics
  • Pure white color
  • Durable, able to bend, withstand impact without board damage
  • Can be made Formaldehyde Free if desired
  • Manufactured using multiple layers of fiberglass mats or nonwovens
  • Wide variety of thicknesses available

Contour Molded Thermal and Acoustical Materials

SRS can design, engineer and build proprietary tooling for heat/compression molding to your specialized requirements.

  • Amber or Black fiberglass
  • Facings available
    • Raw Foil
    • Foil Scrim
    • Glass mat
    • Poly rayon mats
    • Uncured fiberglass

    Fabricated Products

    THERMAL and ACOUSTICAL products, light density 0.6 pound density to 7.0 pound density materials.

    • Custom lamination of a variety of facing or materials
    • Custom die cutting capability
    • Semi Rigid Waffled board
    • PF Resins and formaldehyde free products available
    • Uncured fiberglass
    • Metal Framing Assembly – unitized products