HVAC Fiberglass Materials

SRS Fiberglass can help engineer the right material for each job to fulfill the HVAC application you are solving. Let us help design the correct thickness and density for your unique application.

  • Fiberglass Plenum material – available in several different sizes and thicknesses, SRS Fiberglass can mold the plenum to properly fit the diffuser layout. Several different company owned tools are available to fit your unique requirements. Embossed foil skins, pre-marked layout or silk screened for Flex duct collar diameters, are standard.
    • Available in R-1, R-4, R-6 and R-8
    • Several sizes and depths available
  • Proprietary Tooling owned by the customer is maintained and kept available for “your” specific project.
  • Fiberglass molded DUCTBOARD pads available.
  • Die cut light density fiberglass with foil one side.
hvac fiberglass hvac fiberglass molded hvac-fiberglass-4